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Bloom Where Planted

Rose Tree Cottage African Children's Foundation

Even before you step inside, you might think you were in England!

Happy Spring!

Lovely Spring Flowers Abound...

Jonquils, Bluebells and Lillies in bloom!


For a lovely Easter Tea.

Order one of our 'Hampers'

— Tea for Two or Family —

to be picked up on Saturday, 30 March.

Rose Tree Cottage

801 S Pasadena Avenue • Pasadena CA 91105

(626) 793 3337


On display

at Rose Tree Cottage:

The Three-Oven AGA Total Control Cooker to the right  (Note: (Four doors — three ovens plus a single control panel door - see diagram below).the optional AGA Module is the two door model to the left which

sits beside.

Make an appointment today to come in and enjoy a demonstration and/or to discuss all there is to discuss about using and/or owning your very own AGA. Call (626) 793-3337

The AGA Total Control Stove

Cast Iron radiant heat cooking throughout each oven and both hotplates providing 10 Cooking Methods in one range

Independent electric heating elements embedded in each cast iron oven and hotplate give the ability to operate each oven and hotplate separately and independent from each other

Three Large Capacity Multi-Function Cast Iron Ovens

Roasting oven (approx. 425°F - 475°F)

Baking oven (approx. 325°F- 375°F)

Slow Cook oven (approx. 212°F - 245°F)

Ovens take about an hour to reach full temperature

Programmable digital remote control handset with up to two

cooking cycles per day, seven days a week

Two 14½" diameter Cast Iron Hotplates

Boiling hotplate (626°F)

Simmering hotplate (392°F)

Hotplates take about 11 minutes to reach full temperature

Hotplates can accommodate extra-large pans or may be used as griddle cooking surface

State-of-the-art touchscreen controls for multi-function flexibility

Range may be turned off and does not need to be on all the time like the traditional AGA range

AGA Modules

Extend the versatility of your AGA cooker by adding an AGA Module -which can be either integrated with your main AGA or freestanding in your kitchen.

AGA Modules are conventional cookers offering a range of cooking options including; a slow cook oven and integral grill, a fan oven, and a four-zone gas or electric ceramic hob.

Modules are built with the same care and attention to detail as your main AGA cooker and are available in the same vitreous enamel colour options.