801 S Pasadena Avenue

(on corner of Bellefontaine)

Pasadena CA 91105

(626) 793 3337



Rose Tree Cottage

We are Pasadena’s Original English Tea Room


12 Scones

Summer Pudding

or Raspberry Preserves

Clotted Cream


6 Petit Fours

Meringue Drops

Raspberry or Chocolate

Tea Time Truffles

English Village Tea

Why not add a small bottle (or two) of bubbling Belvoir Elderflower Drink (small additional charge per bottle)

US$ 110.00

Happy Valentine's Day!

Special and Memorable ways to celebrate in Rose Tree Cottage style at home or in our Tea Garden!

6 Heart-shaped Scones

Bangers or Chipolatas


Baked Beans


Marmite or Raspberry Preserves


Essential for a "scrummy" English Breakfast ... you provide the eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread

and toast!

Kippers, Haddock, Black or White Pudding available, but not included

US$ 62.50

Our English Village Shop

is Open

Come Inside and Shop!

If you can’t come to us to collect your Hamper may we bring it to you?

Call us on (626) 793-3337 and ask us if it is

possible  to bring your Afternoon Tea

direct to you!

However, please DO give us 24 hours notice to

enable us to prepare your Afternoon Tea Hamper.

Rose Tree Cottage English Village Loose Leaf Tea

Declared by our patrons to be an outstanding afternoon blend. Our English Village Tea is a blend of Ceylon, Indian and Kenyan teas that brews a truly flavourful and satisfying cup of tea.


Hot Cross


Traditional Old Recipe Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday. Delicious warm with our English Butter and Plum Jam!


Strawberry Little Scarlet Conserve

Did you know that Secret Agent 007 James Bond claimed that his favourite conserve of all time was Tiptree’s Strawberry Little Scarlet?


There is still Good News!

We are still baking our Scones, Sausage Rolls etc., each day for you in our famous English

AGA (tm) Stove/Cooker!

6 Scones

Strawberry Rhubarb

or Victorian Plum Jam

2 Individual Clotted Cream

Lemon Curd


4 Petit Fours

3 Tea Time Truffles

(Dark, Milk or Mixed)

Yorkshire Red tea bags

Why not add a small bottle (or two) of bubbling Belvoir Elderflower Drink (small additional charge per bottle)

US$ 55.00

Shipping via UPS 'at cost':

Delivered free in the local area;

or, can be collected (picked up) curb-side at Rose Tree Cottage.

Please discuss and confirm arrangements when you order.

To Order Hampers please call: (626) 793-3337

Please DO give us 24 hours notice to enable us to prepare your Hamper

Hampers for your

St Valentine's Day Celebration at Home

Valentine's Day Breakfast

Full English

Valentine's Day

Tea for Two

Valentine's Day

Family Tea


Rose Tree Cottage

Tea Time Truffles


Our Annual Valentine's Day Celebration Tea

Outside seating only, in our Beautiful Rose Garden

A very special full afternoon tea, complete with

our heart shaped scones and complimentary Champagne!

Sunday, 14th February

1:00pm & 4:00pm

Weather permitting

By reservation only,

taken by phone:


For our container shipment being sent at the end of February, we are collecting goods (books, clothing, laptops, 'tablets', sewing materials, etc., etc.) as well as donations for the funds needed to send them.  All donations gratefully received!

Price includes a donation to our Charity,

Bloom Where Planted

for our forthcoming container shipment of supplies to our 800 little sweetheart's school

in Kenya!

A Message of Hope

We look forward very much to the time when we will be allowed to re-open , for you, our Rose Tree Cottage Tea Room's indoor seating areas where you'll be able, once again, to relax and enjoy our famous Afternoon Tea in an atmosphere and style that has made us famous world-wide.