Rose Tree Cottage

Pasadena’s Original English Tea Garden & Tea Rooms

801 S Pasadena Avenue

(on corner of Bellefontaine)

Pasadena CA 91105

Rose Tree Cottage's famous Afternoon Tea is now served in

our beautiful

Tea Garden

Tea Reservations by telephone only

(626) 793-3337

Afternoon Tea

is back!


(626) 793 3337

We take our Britishness very seriously which means Afternoon Tea is ...

... exactly that!

If the clock has not passed 12 noon then Afternoon Tea

cannot and will not be served!

Big Ben - London UK



There is still Good News!

We are still baking our Scones, Sausage Rolls etc., each day for you in our famous English

AGA (tm) Stove/Cooker!

Our English Village Shop

is Open

Come Inside and Shop!

Rose Tree Cottage English Village Loose Leaf Tea

Declared by our patrons to be an outstanding afternoon blend. Our English Village Tea is a blend of Ceylon, Indian and Kenyan teas that brews a truly flavourful and satisfying cup of tea.


Hot Cross


Traditional Old Recipe Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday. Delicious warm with our English Butter and Plum Jam!


Strawberry Little Scarlet Conserve

Did you know that Secret Agent 007 James Bond claimed that his favourite conserve of all time was Tiptree’s Strawberry Little Scarlet?

Afternoon Tea in the Rose Tree Cottage Tea Garden

Just some of our Rose Tree Cottage English Village Shop favourites!

Yes! We are Pasadena's Original Tea Gardens & Tea Rooms  (626) 793-3337