California’s Original Tea House

can only be found at ...

801 S Pasadena Avenue
(on corner of Bellefontaine)
Pasadena CA 91105


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We are the Original
Rose Tree Cottage

Joint Britweek and Anglophile Channel’s Winner of

The Best Afternoon Tea in Southern California Competition, 2014


Wool Picnic Rug

US$ 179.00

This Shetland pure wool picnic rug is a perfect blanket for day trips out, or for staying cosy on colder evenings. Made in the UK, the Wool Picnic Rug is available in traditional Tattersall or Dress tartan.

Atlanta Map Canvas Explorer

US$ 449.00

The Atlanta Map Canvas Explorer bag is a sturdy travel holdall with an adjustable shoulder strap for added comfort. The 100% Leather handles and trims add durability whilst the Barbour branded tag and shoulder pad add an authentic feel. 

Beacon Beach Bag

Available in Marigold & Ecru

US$ (Please Call)

Sealand Striped Tote

Available in Navy Stripe

US$ (Please Call)

Sealand Sun Hat

Available in Navy Stripe

US$ (Please Call)