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We are Pasadena’s Original English Tea Room
Rose Tree Cottage

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For British themed Gifts, China, Glass, Teas, Fresh Foods, Scones and all the trimmings, Confectionery, Favourite British Foods, Apparel - (including the world-famous Barbour Range), Hats, Fascinators and much, much more.

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No other stove in the world is written about in novels, is so loved by it's owners that they miss it when they are away (we at Rose Tree Cottage know from experience!) and is such an important part of family life. You may be wondering what is an AGA and why is it so unique?

An AGA Cooker is a cast-iron, gas-fueled, enamel-glazed cooking stove that uses non-drying radiant heat to gently cook food, often in less time than a traditional stove. The AGA was designed in 1922 by renowned Swedish Nobel Prize winning physicist, Gustaf Dalén (1869–1937), and first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1929. There is so much to recommend the AGA that we suggest you call us for a more ‘in depth’ discussion about ‘life with an AGA’ and to learn when our next AGA demonstration/events will be held. One-2-One appointments can also be arranged.

Make an appointment today to come in and enjoy a demonstration and/or to discuss all there is to discuss about using and/or owning your own AGA, or call us to be added to our AGA mailing list for special AGA evenings and events.

Call Edmund or Mary Fry Today

The 3-oven AGA Total Control cooker has the same cast-iron good looks for which the classic AGA heat-storage cooker is famous.

Cooking on the AGA Total Control cooker is a pleasure and produces amazing results. Its cast-iron ovens are gentle on food and lock in moisture, flavour, texture and, importantly, goodness - meaning the food you serve tastes delicious. Put simply, the AGA Total Control treats food as it should be treated - ensuring that you get the very best out of your ingredients.

From the exterior, the AGA Total Control appears to be just the same as the AGA cooker we know and love. But open the door to the touch-screen control panel and it's a whole new picture.

State-of-the-art technology changes everything. It enables you to programme your AGA cooker to be on when you want to cook. Or off when you don't. Each hotplate and oven operates independently.

You can still enjoy that indefinable ambient AGA warmth while managing the amount of energy used. And in the summer months, you can choose to turn the AGA cooker off when it's not needed.

From weekdays to high days and holidays - whatever the season - you can tailor your AGA Total Control to suit you and your family's lifestyle.

It's the AGA cooker for all times.  AGA Total Control enables you to use a 'different' AGA every day. You can choose to use it like a classic AGA heat-storage cooker with all ovens and hotplates on - or simply use a single hotplate or oven. With our increasingly busy lifestyles - and the natural changes in routine over time - AGA Total Control fits in seamlessly with how you live your life, offering ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Thanks to the easy-to-use touch-screen panel, there is a setting for every family's need or occasion - available on demand at the touch of a button.

The ovens can be programmed to be ready to make breakfast when you come down in the morning and be set to go off as you close the front door. They can be programmed to be ready if there are children coming in from school or for when you come in from work. They can be ready for supper and stay on until it's time to turn in.

AGA Total Control is the AGA cooker for all times, providing all the benefits of 'kind-to-food' cast-iron cooking combined with technology that has created an AGA cooker perfectly in tune with your family's way of living…